Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sketch layouts

I've always been a fan of sketches, starting way back when Becky Higgins was the only one doing them. I loved her books, and tried to follow along.

Through the years, I've also tried PageMaps and sketches in other magazines. I always liked how they looked in the magazine, but I could never seem to translate them successfully for my own photos and products.

Then, during one of my many blog surfing adventures, I found Sketch Support. Once again, I loved the sketches, and was hopeful I could make them work.

And they actually did. There's just something about these sketches that really fits my style of scrapping right now. I've actually whipped out several pages this year using those sketches.

Here are a few.

This one was based on one-page sketch #8.

And some detail shots.

This is based on two-page sketch #10.

And some detail shots.

This one is based on one-page sketch #14.

And some details. The trim at the top is left over from the actual costumes.

I love seeing the new sketches each week. I'm so happy to have finally found a sketch style that works for me!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Love my camera

An early Christmas present for me this year...a Canon EOS Rebel T3. To say I love it would be an understatement. I'm still shooting in automatic mode, but I plan on learning the other settings soon.

It's making blogging for Craft Critique so much easier. No more jury-rigging my lights, backdrops and shooting outside.

We took the girls to the Chinese garden near the zoo for a little photo shoot. It was hard to get all three to cooperate. Well, mostly Anna, who preferred running to sitting.

My favorite from the day.

Of course there were a lot of these.

But I think I got one that will work for my purposes.